Manufacture of plastic parts
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manufacture of plastic parts

SOVAIC has been a specialist in the plastic materials sector since 1964. In 1994, it decided to invest in processing.

Our business today:
the manufacture of all industrial technical parts, from prototyping to mass production, in a very wide range of thermoplastics.

Our know-how:
are you looking for a solution?

We study your technical specifications
and together we analyse the best solution.
We draw up the plans
and offer a prototype.
We produce the technical data package.


Areas of activity

Our expertise in thermoplastics and composites enables us to offer our services in every area of activity in compliance with current standards, EN 9100 ISO 9001.

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Production methods

Sovaic is equipped with 13 modern 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machines combining high technology and flexibility, with capacities from a few millimetres to 1 m3.

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Sovaic controls the processing of a very wide range of technical crystalline thermoplastics, thermosets and amorphous materials, such as polycarbonates, PMMA and PET for carterisation and tunnels, etc.

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